Add a little spice

Now don’t get crazy with your imagination because of the title. If you really want some spice, see how long you can read through the Song of Solomon. It has many verses in it that would bring steam to your glasses and possibly embarrass you if you were preaching from it. This is why there are very few who have preached from it in church.

God designed the human body and He ordained sex as a way for married couples to populate the world. So why shouldn’t Solomon write about it? He did have 700 wives, not a very wise man in my opinion but I’m sure he found out a LOT about women!

God really did spice things up when He had to. Most of the time the spice that God added in the Old Testament had to do with getting Israel’s attention back on serving Him. Many times they would for a while but they were just like the rest of us today. When things are going good we don’t want to know God or even feel that we need Him…but when things aren’t going well at all we do cry out to Him because we know He can help!

Even people who don’t believe in God will cry out to Him when they feel helpless and there is no other possible help available. God has loved humanity ever since He created us and it is His grace and mercy which sustains us even on those days when we forget Him or refuse to acknowledge Him for all of our blessings. Jesus would not have given His life for us if it weren’t for the love that He felt then and still feels for us today.

Your life in Christ is assured if you repent and give your heart to Jesus and ask Him to be your Savior and Lord.

We are coming to the end of the church age. Likely much sooner than most will admit or even consider. I pray that all who come here will give their life to Jesus because when the Trumpet of God sounds and the dead in Christ rise your choice will be much harder than it is today. In service, until He comes.

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