What can God do about my problems?

Have you ever wondered about that? Do you realize Who it is that you are talking about? God is the Creator of everything! Your problems are nothing to Him if you will place your faith in Him to take care of them. Except many of us, in fact most of us won’t do that. When you read the book of Exodus in the Bible it tells you how He managed to get the Israelites out of slavery and out of Egypt by ten miraculous plagues. But before they crossed over the Red Sea (not some reed sea like some are trying to say today), His people were doubting God’s power already. Even after seeing the water turn to blood and the flies and the frogs and the darkness and all of the other things which scientists are trying to explain away today. The people of Israel still didn’t believe that He could deliver them to freedom. So let me clear this up right now!

God didn’t remove the Red Sea, He parted it. God didn’t bring rain, but He provided water from a Rock. God didn’t strike Goliath dead, but He aimed the rock that did. God doesn’t always remove your problems, but He will make a way for you to get through them. If you will depend on Him and believe.

God is not magic, He is our Creator. He is not some genie but He is our Heavenly Father. God sent Jesus to Earth to live as a human so He could know our troubles and our pain. He also came to be a spotless Lamb to give His life to pay for all of our sins in order for us to be able to come into the Father’s house forgiven and adopted as a child of the King! He came to give you eternal life if you will believe in Jesus for your salvation.

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