The Truth of Jesus’ ministry

There is so much evidence for Jesus and yet there are so many who refuse to believe in Him. There are thousands of historical documents which were written within a few years of His death and resurrection and still people refuse to believe what their heart tells them is true. Why is that? There are many reasons—pride, selfishness, ego, or just plain stubbornness.

Some of it is just plain stubborn pride. Pride in the works of others who didn’t want to believe the Truth. Pride in themselves because they were going to live their life the way they wanted to live it. The problem with that is this: they have no hope. Jesus gives us hope for the future and forgiveness for our sins. So what do you hope in? Who do you place your hope…your faith in? There is only One person that deserves your hope and your faith and that is Jesus Christ the Son of God!

The whole of creation shows us implicitly and without question Who we should believe in. So why do we try to place our hope in flawed human beings? Or in something that another person tells us is the “One”? All of these hopes that we make for ourselves…that we create for ourselves are just that…man-made and they do not have any power or purpose. The reason that we try to make or believe in something that is just another part of creation is because of Satan himself. He is trying to take as many people away from God as he can in the time that he has left and it isn’t much.

The reality of Jesus Christ is that He was with God at the beginning and He came to Earth to live with us and as a human being so He could truly identify with our pains and worries and our temptations. He is also coming back soon to take His bride, the Church, back to the place that He has prepared for her. The believers in the world are the Bride of Christ so you can believe or not, it is your choice. But the day that He calls the Church to His home is coming soon. Make sure that you are one of those who will be called home.

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