God’s Word is True!

God’s Word was given to us for learning, correction, wisdom, and salvation because of Who it points us to. We are not supposed to change it or edit it in any way because God’s words and His wisdom is above every human perception. If any changes have been made in the translation of God’s Word it must still contain the same message and point to the same Savior, Jesus Christ. If there are any ambiguities or confusion causing language in the book you are using that is supposed to be God’s Word then you need a new Bible. God is Jehovah and He has many names which tell of His glory and His provision for mankind. Jesus Christ is the Son of God Who came to be the spotless Lamb of God to redeem mankind once and for all. The Holy Spirit is the Teacher and the Comforter and the third Person of the Trinity that is God. He is with you and everyone who calls on the name of Jesus Christ as their Savior. Seek Him for your salvation today because you may not have tomorrow to do it. He loves you and if you are convicted of your sins, don’t turn away from His touch.

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