Little things…

There are days that little things don’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. Such as how you feel in the morning or when you have your coffee, if you drink coffee. Some days, little things don’t seem to matter a lot but we all have those days in which even the little things can cause problems or even compound the problems that we are having on that day. So can we do anything about them? Most of the time we really don’t have much, if any, control over the little things. The bigger problems which come along from week to week are the problems that we usually don’t have control over.

In light of thinking about this, Jesus tells us in the gospels not to worry at all. Because God the Father knows what you need and He will supply it at the proper time. Of course our humanity usually causes us to ignore this advice and worry anyway but when you think of worry as “practical atheism” Christians shouldn’t do it at all. By worrying we are telling God that we don’t think that He can or will handle this problem so we need to worry about it and find an answer to it on our own. Why is this a problem? Because when we take the problem into our hands by worrying about it and trying to find our solution to said problem, God will just step back and allow us to work on it ourselves. Then when our “solution” fails He will come in and let us know that we should try it His way the next time.

Problems, big and small, can cause anxiety in our lives if we allow it to. God tells us that we don’t have to endure this anxiety if we would just give Him the problem to solve and let Him solve it. Few of us can do this because we think that we need to help God with our problems. God created the universe out of nothing so what makes us think that He needs our help? Just as He told Job, “Where were you when I hung the stars in their places?”. Since He can do all of the things in the book of Genesis without any help from us, I believe that God can handle our little problems in this life.

Our problems seem to be BIG to us and the longer they stick around the BIGGER they seem to get. But God is bigger than all of our problems and He can handle them all by Himself if we let Him. It is hard to believe that we could take something from God but we can. Simply by worrying about it and telling God that we’ll handle it and He doesn’t have to do anything for us is one way to take back your problem that you were seeking a solution to. He can see the outcome of that path even before we head in that direction but if we insist on taking our problem back, He will allow it.

I’ve repeated myself in the paragraphs above because it needed to be repeated, like in the Bible. If you are a young Christian (one that has just come to a saving knowledge of Jesus), you may not have this problem. Most new Christians will give their problems to God and they seem to have more faith than Christians who’ve been acquainted with Jesus for a long time. We’ve grown comfortable in our relationship with God and Jesus and we think that we can handle certain problems and we will let them have the BIG problems in our life. God wants to be involved in your life in every way and in every decision whether they are big decisions or little ones.

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