Our own desires can bring us down

But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. James 1:14 KJV https://bible.com/bible/1/jas.1.14.KJV

If you don’t think it can happen to you, think about what is tempting you and where that idea came from. YOUR own thoughts and desires are amplified by Satan. That’s why we need to have more of God’s Word inside our minds than those tempting thoughts. Stay near God and He will be even closer to you.

3 thoughts on “Our own desires can bring us down

  1. TRACY, one of the things the church needs to work on when teaching this hard and complex doctrine (regarding sin and Satan) is actually modeling what it is like to rssist temptations from a Biblical perspective It’s one thing to cite Scripture, but actually modeling resistance is the hard part. Think of this like a “drill”. Just like in school with fire drills, we need to actsvely practice resisting these temptations. Temptation is one of the most common threats in the spiritual journey that leads us to sin. How to resist may not be the same for every sin, but the general principle is the same. The Holy Spirit’s warnings are like a fire alarm going off, except not with actual fire, but there is the fire of sin and the toxin of Satan’s enticements. We need to evacuate, or we will get burned by the flesh. This is a model I plan to use in next week’s “training” (or should I say, sermon). If you have any suggestions for scenarios I can use in the presentation, send them my way!

      1. I can probably ask the group their individual weakest temptations. One of them would come up, and I would take the role and “tempt” them, and I would walk them through the escape route. For example, let’s say I took you as an example. Your temptation of eating too much. You would come up. This would be a practice round. Me, being Satan, would tempt you. After I “tempt you”, then I would ask you questions like “What does God want you to do?” [the Scriptures] or “What does Satan want?” and then, “What do YOU want to do?”. I call these the four r’s of resisting temptation. I outlined them in one of your presentations, but I can give you an overview if you would like.

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