Temptation doesn’t come from God!

Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: James 1:13 KJV https://bible.com/bible/1/jas.1.13.KJV

In the time of life that we are living in, regardless of your age or the color of your skin, Satan is the tempter. He always has been. God can get you through this with His strength and His Spirit living in your heart. Lean into God because the closer you are to Him, the closer He is to you.

Don’t say that you can’t make it because with God on your team YOU can’t lose!!

7 thoughts on “Temptation doesn’t come from God!

    1. Thank you! I had to include that ending there (haha)! I am really good at creating dialogues in my projects. I have written three plays based on current events and the Bible. I am currently working on a written documentary for my Christian club. It’s called “Satan Visits the Church”. I can send it to you this summer, since that is when I should have it finished.
      Here is the backstory behind the name.

  1. This poem is called “The Wrath of the Lion”.

    In the night of the feast on a bright, sunny day,
    A child went on a quest to gather wine and bread for his family.
    A priest came to the child with an ancient book
    Where he gathered the propheies he so delivered to his peoples.
    Then, there came a brutish lion;
    Its teeth shstp, its claws engraved with stone.
    A bloodthirsty beast consumed with utter hatred and deceit.
    Its hymn so outspoken, its tongue consumed with venom.
    It once vowed to the Heavely king to tear down the flesh of its prey.
    Its roar so grotesque, the villagths would flee to ow mountaintops for shelter.
    “Sir!” the priest shouted to the wretched creature. “Dost thou prophesy a message to the land?”
    Then the lion smiled in awe, replying with an angelic cry,
    “This child shall be the richest of the land. Tell her to gather his neighbors to worship me. For it is written, “Ask and ye shall receive!”
    Then the child cried out and saith unto the lion,
    “Satan! Satan! How must I exchange my precious soul for the price of a mansion?
    It is best I am poor in the flesh, and rich in the Spirit, lest I perish at the hands of a wrathful Judge in the river of Hell’s flames!”
    Enraged by her resistance, the lion sent a vicious plague on the child. The breath of life slowly slipped away from her limbs.
    But soon, he left, and the child was healed by the blood ⠷ the Lamb!

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