One Life changed everything

Have you ever thought which Life changed everything? In truth it isn’t hard to figure out because, if you are a Christian, you already know Him. The Life which changed our calendar and each of our lives is Jesus Christ. He came into the world in obedience to the Father’s will for all of us to know Him and come to know Him as our Savior. His life is eternal because He is the Son of God and the Living Word and our Savior.

Jesus did change the world and He did it from a three year ministry before He was crucified. But of course that was not the end of the story…it was just the beginning. So how did He change the world? He taught His disciples that God loves His people regardless of their nationality or their skin color or their gender. God is our Creator and He knows each of us so well that He knows your next thought and the next word which will be spoken by you.

God has ordained each of us to be His representative in whatever fashion or task or ministry we may find ourselves in. It may not be a ministry in a church or on a mission field but we are to “bloom where we are” so to speak.

I want to apologize for the shortness of this post and the fact that I began working on it two days ago. A companion of mine who happened to have four feet and beautiful copper-red fur passed on to the next life this past weekend on Saturday morning. She had been my constant companion and nurse for fourteen years and she was only two months from her fifteenth birthday. But, she had an enlarged heart and God knew it was time for her to come home. I pray that I will see her again one day.

Thank you for understanding. Please, seek out a Bible teaching church and learn more about our Savior, Jesus the Christ. He is the only way to gain entry into Heaven.

3 thoughts on “One Life changed everything

  1. So sorry to hear about the passing of your little friend I believe all our pets which we loved will be in heaven with us.

      1. I know the way you feel, my friend. They are family members, prayers for you, and the others.

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