Jesus, God’s gift to you

God promised this gift from the beginning. When God told the serpent, “He will bruise your head and you will bruise His heel“, He was talking about the work of our Savior, Jesus Christ! This was the very first mention of the possibility of salvation in the Scriptures. God had all of us in mind when He said this.

In every book of the Bible, there is a type of Christ shown in some way through God’s work in the lives of His creation. Whether it is by the ark which Noah built which saved Noah and his family to repopulate the Earth or by Joseph who was sold into slavery in Egypt but rose to be second to Pharaoh in power. There are “types” of Christ all through Scripture. God brought this about so that when the people would hear the stories and learn what these men did or how things worked out for Israel, they would be encouraged and seek to know God better and to serve Him.

Jesus came to bring salvation and the possibility of knowing God to mankind. Whether you believe in Him or not is not the point. He accomplished His mission to humanity and it is up to each of us to accept this gift and believe in Him, repenting of our sins and following Him until He comes again. God doesn’t force anyone to believe or to love because they can’t be forced, only given freely.

Jesus came to us so that we would have an advocate with the Father and One Who had paid for all of your sins and mine and everyone else’s too. Even a child can understand that they have been forgiven and all it takes for you to have salvation and an eternity with Him is your belief in Him and repentance of your old life, “take up your cross daily and following Him“. Taking up your cross is essentially putting away your old life and your old way of living so you can faithfully follow Jesus. Won’t you consider doing so today?

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