The futility of man’s understanding

For those of you who have been to college, have you ever noticed just how much you find out that you don’t know? Even with degrees in the clinical sciences and chemistry, I find that the world around us still fascinates me by showing me things that never made it into those lecture halls or the books I studied. We are ignorant in comparison to the knowledge of the cosmos or any branch of study that you wish to pursue. When I was a teenager I read every astronomy book and magazine I could get my hands on.

I never owned a real telescope during my life of searching the meaning in the stars. I had one of those cheap dollar store type “telescopes” which you couldn’t get to focus on anything, so when I went to college I took astronomy as an elective. I didn’t know I was going to get a chance to look through some 12-inch and 14-inch telescopes and boy did that make me go “Wow!”

Yet, even with the Hubble telescope today and all of the information on the Internet, we still don’t know much about how we became who we are. We cannot pinpoint anything which leads us to a point where we can say that our knowledge bank is full. The point is that we are living in a futile existence. We only have a small amount of time in this life where we can pursue knowledge and truly learn things about the world around us. Yes, we live seventy or eighty years, but how many years of that span are truly productive and learning years?

We still cannot understand the workings of painkillers or how our genes code for eye color or personality. We cannot tell anyone how to speak to whales or dolphins and our best computers cannot make sense of the multitude of frequencies contained in the squeaks and clicks of the voice of a dolphin. We know how cells divide to make more of themselves but we don’t know when a “clump of cells” becomes a human being. (Hint: it happens even before the heart begins its first thump).

God has placed within us the knowledge of the infinite and our need for HIm in our lives but we run around for years trying to fill that place with lots of other things besides Him. God knows us from the moment we are in the womb because He placed us there. He gives us the knowledge for our life and the ability to learn more if we need to, but for our understanding of everything that we learn…it takes patience and seeking His knowledge first.

Why do I say that we need to know Him first? Because He is the Creator of it all. Who better to teach you about cells and biology and astronomy and chemistry than the One who made all of the life around you? He placed the stars in their courses. He placed the whales and the other life in the sea in their specific places. He created mankind to be an eternal being and at least part of us does live into eternity.

All of the knowledge that we can learn is but a small drop compared to His knowledge of everything. Even if you had five Ph.D.’s in many different disciplines, your knowledge would only be a small fraction of God’s. This is why the scientists in the years prior to the 19th century learned about their studies in order to prove His awesome glory!

Seek Him out during your few decades here on Earth so that you can spend eternity with Him doing things that you never thought possible.

God says

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