Can salvation be bought?

Many people today seem to believe that they must do works of some sort to be worthy of their salvation. Why? There is nothing which we have or that we can do which is worthy to pay for any part of our salvation. God is the Creator…our Creator, therefore, everything that is in the entire universe belongs to Him already. So how can we possibly have anything which would be worthy to give to God in exchange for any part of your salvation?

Salvation cannot be bought by anything which we have because it is already paid for through the blood of Jesus. It is a free gift given to us through God by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and His work which He did during His time here. Your salvation is a free gift from God because a price has been paid which we cannot pay but Jesus paid this price for all of mankind.

Bridge2SalvationAll that we have to do is believe in His free gift and the works which He performed for our sins, accepting the gift of salvation through faith by Jesus Christ. There is nothing which we can do or pay in any way which will add to our salvation because our salvation is bought with the precious blood of the Son of God! Nothing in the universe is worth more to God than our obedience and our lives when we give them to Him as a living sacrifice in His service.

The blood of Jesus paid all of the sin debt which we owed on our sins, so there is nothing which we can do to add any worth to our lives except to live for Him and do those things which He did as far as our faith will enable us to do. God loves each of us and we should love Him because without His power we would be nothing. He grants us the days in which we live, one day at a time, so be thankful for each day that you have. Don’t scorn the gift of life which each of us has when we wake each morning because we have one more day to work for Him until our time is up and we go to Him!

Many people seem to think that there are all kinds of rules that you have to follow or some formula which goes with being a Christian but there isn’t. Believe in Jesus and the sacrifice which He paid for your sins with, repent of your sinful ways and ask Him to be your Savior. Then walk with Him from that point on. It isn’t hard to do since even a child can understand salvation and where it comes from.

When you feel His touch on your heart and you know that you are a sinner, the only place to come to is the cross of Jesus. Asking Him for your forgiveness and believing that your salvation is found only in Him. Those are the “requirements” and they aren’t hard to do once you realize that you need Him.


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