Could we all just get along?

This is a question which has been asked and asked again over the years and decades yet it never seems to be answered. We are all human beings, Gender doesn’t matter, nationality doesn’t matter, skin color doesn’t matter, even political ideology doesn’t really matter, at least they don’t until someone gets their feelings hurt or in some way offends someone else. Then one offense gets blown out of proportion entirely by the news media or social media and it makes the offense grow.

One word or phrase or even the look on your face can cause these same reactions between friends and family alike. Is it possible to even have worldwide peace and harmony when we are all so messed up and thin-skinned? On our own merits and ideas, no I do not believe that peace can be achieved in our lifetime or maybe even in many lifetimes.

The only possible way that this will ever happen will be when the world is brought under one ruler and He must be Jesus, the Son of God and our Lord. Any other initiative or attempt at peace on a worldwide scale will fail eventually simply because…well because we are human!

So, what do we do in the meantime? If we could get the world to follow Jesus and understand that He is the only Savior Who can bring our whole world into a peaceful state of being, I am afraid that nobody living today could possibly get everyone to get along. Even if we did somehow get the world to go along with this initiative, eventually it will fail. Following Jesus worldwide will only happen when He rules the world from Jerusalem during His reign of one thousand years.

Seek Him out and pray that you will be saved through Him so that you can enjoy fellowship with Him and other saints into eternity.


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