Super bowl religion?

Many people depend upon this one game during the year yet why does this happen? One game which makes so much happen for advertisers and for those who gamble on the outcome of the game. Why gamble on your outcome?

Your eternity is important to God and Jesus. They care about each of you and gambling on your eternity is not part of the solution…Jesus is! Your eternal life matters to the Creator! That is hard to understand for us but He cares, which means you should care about your future. Do you have an eternity ahead of you? Each of us does, the location of that eternal life and the conditions of it is what is in the balance.

Give your life to Jesus and follow Him and your eternity will be in Heaven with all of God’s family! If you don’t give your heart to Jesus and follow your own path through life, then regardless of how good you are or how moral your life is, you will be sent to hell for that decision. It doesn’t matter how good you were, it is that decision and that decision alone which will send you to hell.

So which direction, which decision will you make? Do you think that your works or your righteousness are good enough? They  aren’t. Make sure which way you are going to spend eternity, before your last breath.

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