On this day……

There are many websites and news sites which are talking about 9/11 and I agree that we shouldn’t forget what happened and why. But, I am not going to go over where I was or what my feelings were at the time. Yes, there was sadness and anger and frustration at all of the agencies who didn’t or wouldn’t share the information which they had. My point for today is that it is a day we should remember and take the memory with us to learn from it.

The truth of the CrossPrior to 2001, this day was very much like any other day. We get up, either go to work or to church or maybe something else (depending upon which day it falls on). My point here is that until we were attacked on this day, it was just like any other day. Now it is a reminder of terror and being attacked by people who hate us. Understanding the hatred is something which we can’t actually do, even today many years later. The news media and other “talking heads” will discuss and memorialize the day, yet we haven’t actually come to an agreement with those who attacked us and we likely never will.

The religious fervor and anger from centuries ago will not go away because the religion of those who attacked us tells them to lie and do anything necessary to placate the infidels in order to kill them later. We are not going to see an end to this until Jesus comes back and puts an end to it forever.

Jesus loves all people but the time of the church age is drawing to a close. God’s patience for our world and its disregard for Israel and for His Son is drawing to an end. Please don’t wait until the Tribulation begins because even though it won’t be too late to give your heart to Jesus, it will be far more dangerous. You have time today…right now, don’t wait, seek Him out to be your Savior before He returns for the church.

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