I wonder as I wander…

This is the name of a beautiful Christmas song which asks the question about Jesus sent forth to our world as a baby, born to die for all of our sins. It sounds much like many children today with the exception of this Child, Jesus, is God’s Son! So many people today have very little regard for a life that is growing inside their bodies, women who are adamant about their right to choose what to do with their body.

I don’t say that you can’t control your own body, but when there is a life growing inside you…that is not part of your body! It is a separate life and a human being! If you can’t control yourself sexually so that you have a child that you don’t want, then give it to someone who can’t have a child. There are many, many couples who want a child, who are desperate for a child, yet for some reason they can’t have a child naturally.

Since 1973, there have been over 50,000,000 + abortions in America! There might’ve been a doctor or a President that would’ve done so much good for us in that group. There may have been a doctor in there who would cure cancer or some other insidious disease. But, we will never know for sure.

Yes, this blog is one about Christian faith and religion, but someone needs to speak up for those children who don’t have anyone to speak for them. I won’t be writing much more on this, but for some reason this message was given to me tonight. There will be many people who are in Heaven because of their parent or parents denial of responsibility for them. These children have no one except the Lord to stand for them.

I am sorry if this offends anyone, but God didn’t intend for babies to be aborted like they have been in America and around the world. God loves all of us and He will avenge those deaths that had no purpose, particularly those of children.

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