Jesus said, “I am with you…”

jesusiswithyou Have you ever considered why Jesus came down to Earth in the first place? It wasn’t just for Israel, although He had hoped they would recognize Him. His sacrifice of giving His life for all of us and our sins was necessary and He was the only sacrifice which would take care of the Law’s requirements.

We, as Christians, should know that He came to give us strength and a purpose in life. While we are here, whether we are going through good times or bad, we are to glorify God! Give Him praise for our life and the blessings that we each receive every day! Why would we do that? Because it is not by our own strength or our will that our lives are the way they are, it is because He and the Father are directing our lives in such a way that we can and will give glory to God for all of our blessings!


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