Worry, why?

I know we have much to be anxious about. The economy, jobs, wars, the election, shootings, all of these things are a part of our news broadcasts every day. There is no reason for us to worry about them, even if they concern you a lot, worry about these things only if they are directly involving you or your children. Even if that is the reason that you worry, it is something which Christians are supposed to give to God and forget about it. If you take it back and worry about it, then you are saying that God can’t handle your problems and you need to help Him.

Why am I posting this? Because my sermon this morning was about this very topic and the fact that Jesus told His disciples not to worry. Yet, there are times when I worry too. Life and all of its troubles and trials brings worry to each of us, whether we want it or not. But, God’s Word says that we shouldn’t worry or take into our soul what tomorrow will bring because we aren’t given tomorrow until it arrives (paraphrase by me, so don’t look up the exact phrase.).

The point is that birds and animals don’t worry and don’t fret about their food or drink, they wake and go about their lives as if it is supposed to be this way and it is. We should do the same except that we have bills to pay which requires money which usually requires a job of some kind. Today, those are not easy to come by especially if you are beyond a certain age or have talents which are not really in demand where you live. The best advice which anyone can get about this subject is simply pray about it and let God have it.

I know, that is hard to do because God works in the background and we can’t see what He is doing, whether it is good or bad for us or even if it will be on time before our car or house is repossessed. Place your faith in Him and His promises because they never fail. They, meaning God’s working, don’t necessarily come swiftly to your rescue in our view of time but mostly those blessings do come. Even if the amount is exactly what you need and not a penny more!

God blesses us with abundant blessings including life and a family and a home. He also blesses us with the ability to do things which can have a drastic effect on our income, which is sometimes a real blessing and sometimes it isn’t. Then again there are times when we hit a snag or a pot hole in our journey and get taken out of  the ride. Give your worries and cares over to Jesus and He will give you peace and strength to get through those times.


One thought on “Worry, why?

  1. One of my favorite verses regarding this topic is Matthew 6:34, “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

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