10 seconds

In our country, ten seconds pause before pulling a trigger would help in some ways. I know that ten seconds is a long, long time when someone is shooting at you, but could we possibly step back and take a deep breath before shooting someone. A deep breath, a few seconds even if it is only two or three or maybe five, but our country is in dire need of some respite from violence with guns.

I am a gun owner and a legal one. I only have my guns for protection of my family and I have a couple for hunting occasionally. Our country seems to be trying to tear itself apart because of a few people who have used guns in the wrong way, whether they were cops or ex-servicemen or members of gangs. There are many gun owners, like me, who have owned guns for many years and have never used them on another person at all. I learned a long time ago that unless you are going to shoot something or someone, you never should point a gun at anyone’s person. If you are hunting, then make sure of what you are aiming at and what is beyond that point so you don’t accidentally kill someone on the next hill over from you.

This is just how I learned to handle a gun and it is how I have taught my son. He knows not to point a gun, even a BB gun or air rifle, at anyone because it is dangerous.

If we could just somehow step back and seek God’s forgiveness for our mistakes, then try to learn what is going on in the neighborhood or in our towns and cities, coming together as just people, not cops, not whites or crackers, not Blacks or African-Americans, but as people of the United States!

I know that it is hard to do because there is mistrust and anger on both sides of the street and in our cities and government, but if we can seek the Lord in all ways and try to learn from Him how we should act toward one another, I do believe that He can heal the broken towns and villages and the hurts and the pain. Because it is going to take God being involved before any real progress is going to be made in this! We can’t do it because we are part of the problem!

It is our problem because of our prejudice toward each other. Something which should’ve been getting better with time, not getting worse as it has done in the past six years or so. I had hoped that by the time my son got to the age of going to college, maybe the problems between dark skin and lighter skin would’ve gotten to the point of not being something to worry about. It seems that political correctness has brought forward more issues to deal with rather than helping to blur the lines between the races.

Seek His answer for your life and for our problems in this world because God is the only One Who has the answers that will work!

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