What can I say?

We don’t get along, but we try. Some days are better than others, so I pray about the rest of them. God, I need your strength today and everyday. I know you love me and care for me, but sometimes it feels distant or false. Why do fathers and sons have problems like these? I think it is because we are too much alike in so many ways that we grate on each other’s nerves, like rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together. God, please help us to get along better. Amen.


I don’t like to air my own problems on this page, but I need some prayer warriors to lift me and my family up. I don’t want this to tear our family to shreds. God, please send your Spirit to heal this rift soon.

2 thoughts on “What can I say?

  1. Love him. Just love him no matter what. Ask God to change you, do a word study on agape love. Lucifer has always been jealous of the Son. He loves to wreak havoc between Father and sons. Don’t let him. Apologize, not for discipline for abrasive actions, words, etc. Love him no matter what, even if He doesn’t love you back. God the Father does the same.

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