Social problems and the world

It seems that we all have to deal with or listen to all of the problems in the world and on social media today, why does everyone seem to be so involved with it these days?

I think our involvement with social media of all kinds is due to people being lonely. We need companionship, even virtual companionship is better than being alone. Even though those of us who have a Christian background know that the Spirit of God is always present with us, it is not visual or apparent as a friend’s voice or presence. Yet, God is always present even when we can’t see Him.

When loneliness is present, even for a little while, Satan can use it to bring depression and despair into our lives as well and these can add to the burden that each of us feels. Is there anything that we can do about these problems? We can socialize more with each other…in person! Texting is great for quick notes, calling on the phone is better, but talking to each other in person is so much better.

I have seen pictures of people at a table and I have witnessed it in a restaurant too where a family is sitting down to eat and each one has a smart phone or tablet in front of them and they aren’t even looking at each other. Our society and the problems which are exploding in the world is partly caused by this kind of disconnect. Even in church I have seen people looking at their phones and texting while the sermon is going on. What has happened to us?

Technology mainly.

That which was supposed to ease our burden of work and help us to have a more productive life and make our work week so much easier is adding to the problem in ways that we never envisioned or even considered before. People have aches from looking down at their phones and tablets that they didn’t have before the invention of these electronic marvels. Our relationships have suffered in ways that can’t be ignored either as well as the impact on our society’s vocabulary.

Can we do something about this? Not really. Simply because it is so pervasive in the world today it can’t be ignored and we can’t reverse the trend now. Life has become dependent upon our ability to be connected all of the time and we are addicted to it too. Yes, Satan has made our technology into a drug which most of the world can’t live without today and we allowed it to happen because it was so easy.

Our world is the way that it is because we allowed it to become that way. It is not because of some evil politician or regime, although it is in some places around the world. Technology has created more wealth for some and drained much wealth from others, adding to the perception of have’s and have-nots’. Many of those in our society seek to gain wealth and power at the expense of others or even by taking from some and giving it to others, this also doesn’t work (in today’s culture it is called re-distribution).

Life today is not fair and it is not easy by any stretch, even in developed countries BUT with God on your side and with Jesus in your heart life can be better than it is and much better in the long run because of His influence in your life. Jesus loves you and me and He died so that we could have life, not just here but into eternity. Seek Him out, learn about Him and ask Him to come into your life and show you just how good it can be. Don’t turn away from Him.

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