You and I and every other person in the world has dealt with it themselves or seen the consequences of it in someone’s life. Why is it that this is the tap-root of all sins, because it is the biggest! It will sneak into your life a little at a time or it will well up in your head until you feel full of yourself to the point that nobody wants to be around you! At first you may just “feel good” about what you are doing or living through in your life or your work, which is fine as long as it doesn’t take root in your mind. How do I know about this? Because I have allowed it in my life and in my ministry.

Just like an addict admitting that they have a problem before getting help, you and I have to admit that pride has come into your life and tried to ruin things. Maybe it did cause some problems, but hopefully you are able to recognize it before it gets out of hand. God brought it to my attention through my church and it stung…no it hurt! I felt like I had been stabbed in the back and I had been….by Pride! The spirit or demon that pride is associated with loves to take ministers and ministries apart, especially if it will destroy a church!

Thank God that I was willing to listen and wait for the Spirit to show me what was going on. Pride causes so many problems in our world until it is hard to track it down all of the time. It is responsible for breaking marriages up and for causing problems in businesses but he specifically targets churches. From the members to the pastor and every person in between, pride can have and does have an influence on us all. That is why there are so many scriptures pointing out the problems with this emotion or feeling or whatever you want to call it!

There are many verses in the Bible which reference Pride and you can follow this link and see what they say. The damage which pride can cause is sometimes so deep and painful that it can’t be repaired, particularly if it involves a relationship. The flames that pride can cause in a marriage or a church can burn so hot and cause such deep wounds that many times the damage won’t be repaired in this lifetime. That is why we are cautioned to not think so highly of ourselves because this is the beginning of pride.

Proverbs 11:2  When pride comes, then comes dishonor, But with the humble is wisdom.

This is only one of many scripture verses regarding pride. Many of them are in the Old Testament, but there are also many references in the New Testament. Seek God’s wisdom in this and all of life’s troubles and follow His advice because it is based on His wisdom and Truth.

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