Who do you reach for in times of trouble?

It is a question which many people wonder about, at times, but some never get around to answering the question. Do you reach for your friends or family in times of need? Do you look to a religious fGodsHandfriend or a preacher that you know? If you aren’t a Christian, these answers may sound like good ideas, but can these people really help you?

I know that some people may be able to help you in your time of need. They can help in ways that friends do, but what if your problem is in an area that they can’t help you with? Whether it is financial or physical, people can only support you with sympathy or with prayer and of course just being with you is also a big help in many situations. The difference between friends and God is that God can and will strengthen your spirit and your body in ways that friends can’t.

God’s presence in your life and your heart says that you are at least trying to follow Jesus regardless of your circumstances. If you don’t think God can help or maybe you don’t believe that He is God or that He exists, then you can place your total faith in medicine and all of the advances that it has to offer. Which is fine and I don’t blame you for your beliefs, everyone has their own personal beliefs about what is the truth in this world.

But…what if God does exist? Not believing in Him doesn’t get rid of Him, just as not believing in gravity or the sun rising doesn’t change those two facts of our world that we live in. Truly, whether you believe in Him or not God does love you! His hand is in control of governments and people. He places kings and leaders in position to accomplish His purposes, whatever they may be.

Allow Him into your life and give yourself a boost in spirit and in Life!


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