No matter what happens….

God is always by your side and He knows where you are, in whatever situation that you might find yourself. He is our Creator and protector and our Rock, all that we have to do is allow Him into our lives, daily, and He can show us what we have in Him and who we are in His eyes.

GodknowswhereyouareGod loves each one of us, no matter what we may have done or how bad we think we are, because He knows the person that you can be in Him. Christ died so that you can have life, abundant and full, in the joy of knowing that you are His when you decide to make Jesus your Savior. I know, that is not theologically correct, God has to call you first and you will know when that call is placed on your heart. You can’t just decide on your own that you are going to become a Christian, any more than you can change your old car into a new one by deciding to do so.

God knows you, better than you know yourself, and He will draw you to Himself so that you can be a saint in His Kingdom and His family. You don’t have to do anything to attain this position, because Jesus has already done all of the work, you just have to believe that He did it for you. In the days that seem like they will never end and the nights which seem to be so lonesome, God is there. He never leaves your side and will never leave your side, regardless of the circumstances in your life. Ask Him to share your life with you and to be your Savior and He will be!

We were created for fellowship with God, but you can’t have fellowship with Him without a relationship. God never leaves any of us, He is always closer than anyone and He can help you in all situations, but He will not force Himself on you or into your life, you have to ask Him to come into your life…into your heart and change you into the person that He already knows that you can be. Be that person for Him and for your life with Him, because without Him we are nothing, with Him we are and have everything!

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