Are you a slave?

I read the book, “12 years a slave”, over the weekend and I never learned this in high school or college history. Any of it! Oh, I had heard that things were really bad in some areas of the South but I didn’t know how bad that it really was. Yes, I am a white man but as far as I know none of my ancestors owned a slave, at least as far back as the Civil War era. For all of those who had family and friends, and I know that there are many of you, who either owned slaves or were slaves in the past that history has been acknowledged and it was dealt with in our past. It is true that the hatred and feelings still bubble up to the surface from time to time, but it shouldn’t make that much difference in our personal relationships today.

That being said, there are many who are still in slavery today. It is well hidden because the media doesn’t report it, but it is there. Children and young people, boys and girls, are captured or coerced into going with someone that doesn’t have their best interests at heart at all. They are sold as sex slaves or as servants in some capacity all over the world, but many are right here in America. Slavery has not gone away, it is hidden behind locked fences and gates, inside mansions or in brothels overseas. Their living conditions are usually very close to starving or they are addicted to drugs to keep them where they are.

Are you still a slave today? Do you know anyone who is? I know that there aren’t any plantations that have slaves today, but do you feel like you are a slave to your job, or to the government? Are you in debt so much that you are a slave to it and have to work, making the money to pay it off? What about cigarettes or alcohol or gambling, anything that can make you addicted to it can be a “master” to you? So, in many ways today, there are lots of people who are enslaved to something!

What can be done about it? Well, as far as the kids that are enslaved, it is not easy. There are groups which are trying to rescue them as well as stop those who are the perpetrators of these crimes. But since these are hidden from plain sight, without money and some help from eye witnesses, the proof is hard to come by. As for the others types of slavery, they are personal masters that can be overcome only with your will-power and by prayer. God Himself can give you the will and the power to overcome them, if you will acknowledge Him for His help and ask Him to help you. Many people know that they need Him, but they are too proud to admit it. The problem with this is that God and Jesus have made it very easy for you to ask and receive their presence in your life, so why don’t more people do this?

The slaves who knew about Jesus did quite a bit of praying and asking for His presence, so why don’t we do this today? He loves you and cares about your life, especially your eternal life in Him, which you will have if you have given your life to Him. If you have not asked Jesus into your heart, what are you waiting for? We have today, each one of us, but what about tomorrow? You and I are not guaranteed tomorrow, your life may be required of you tonight or in the morning, so what will the answer be? Jesus is the answer to your life’s needs. He doesn’t provide you with money or drugs or anything that this world recognizes as “necessary”, but He does provide you with the only path to salvation which will provide you with eternal life. And that is worth more than anything that this world can offer!

6 thoughts on “Are you a slave?

  1. Those three things are in today’s text, Romans 6:20-22: 1) All of us are by nature enslaved to sin – we don’t rule sin; sin rules us. 2) God alone is the decisive deliverer from this slavery, and our part – which is real and crucial – is dependent on his. 3) Without this deliverance from the rule and slavery of sin – without a new direction of righteousness and holiness in our lives – we will not inherit eternal life.

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