If you don’t try, you can’t succeed!

Basketball great, Michael Jordan, and hockey great, Wayne Gretzky, are both attributed with saying, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

When we are telling someone about what Jesus has done for us, it is glorifying God, but if we don’t tell them how will they ever know? If John or Peter or any of the other disciples had not gone on their missionary journeys how would the Church have started? We also wouldn’t have much of the New Testament since the books are letters that were sent to churches that they started in other parts of the Middle East. If Saul had not been as zealous for his faith of Judaism as he was, he might never have met Jesus and become Paul. Paul truly did write nearly half of the New Testament because of his travels.

If you stay at home, you never will know what is on the other side of the hill or the state or the world. You will miss out on all of the wonders that God provided for us to discover, and you will miss out on all of the chances that you will have to share your faith. Success in life and in anything that you try, whether it is a business or a chance to witness to someone about your faith, will never succeed if you don’t try. The Spirit of God will give you the words and the ability to do and say what is needed when the time comes, whether you are shy or outgoing and it won’t matter whether you have memorized scripture or not because He will give that to you too when the time comes.

Our God loves all of us, individually, more than we can imagine. This is the reason that He sent His Son to die as a sacrifice on the cross, sinless and pure, so that we could have eternal life through faith in Him. We are not required to do anything and we can’t do anything to add to what He has already done! The task is complete in that Jesus did it all for us, all that we have to do is accept it and then tell others about it. Even if we only tell one other person, and that person may take it to a group of over twenty or fifty and then those people may each tell two or more people so just one witness can accomplish a lot.

We may never find out how much our witness may have impacted people’s lives until we get to Heaven, and then we may be amazed at what our words and witness meant to God’s Kingdom! Even though we didn’t cause the number of people to come to Him, the seed which we planted did. It took root in one person’s heart and then planted a seed in others and those seeds grew and produced more fruit for God’s Kingdom.

Like the song says, “it only takes a spark to get a fire going”, and that spark is each of us doing what God wants us to do. Some people may want to say that they could never do anything like that; well I didn’t think that my blog would make much difference but I think it has with the Holy Spirit‘s influence in my life and in the lives of those who read these words. I pray that you will find something in this or in other posts that I have here. God bless you all and I pray that your heart will receive these words in the spirit in which they are written.

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