Marriage by any other name?

Our country is venturing down a dark path, one that our grandparents or parents wouldn’t have gone down. This is a very contentious and charged issue politically and otherwise. So, why are we having this issue in our country anyway? America is a free country so why is there any dis-unity in our laws? It is because this country was founded by God-fearing people and the foundations of our laws are or at least were based on the Ten Commandments and biblical principles. One of those principles happened to be that God established the union of a man and a woman as a marriage, the first marriage was performed by God Himself.

In nature, there are aberrations occasionally in the “orientation” of the sexes, but they are just that…aberrations! God did not design nature or human beings to have relations that are unnatural. Procreation cannot happen unless there is a female and a male together as a couple, other than that it is an aberration of natural law. Animals of any kind know this by instinct, that only males and females will continue the species, anything other than that you are just following the lust of your own self and lust for unnatural relations.

This is wrong and no amount of legislation will convince me otherwise. In the church where I am the pastor, there will be no same-sex “marriages“, period because I will not perform them. You are welcome to call me a bigot if you wish, but I follow Jesus and the Word of God and God doesn’t condone this type of behavior in any shape or form, whether it has been legislated into our culture or not. We are accountable to God for anything that is against His laws, because His law is above our laws. So, regardless of the law here, you will still be accountable to God for what you do in this life. Give your life to Jesus, follow Him so that you will be cleansed of your sinful ways.

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