Consider God today

Have you considered Him today? Have you thought about God today? We have many reasons or excuses for not thinking about God in our daily lives, such as:

“I am too busy to bring Him into my thinking today”; “God doesn’t belong where I work, so why bother?”; “He doesn’t want to be with me, so I am going to leave Him out of my life until I am ready”; “God doesn’t care about me, so why should I care”.

These reasons or excuses for not letting God into your life are all wrong! He does care, He loves you whether you love Him or not! He does want to be involved in your life. These reasons are also selfish, because you may not feel worthy of having Him in your life. You may be feeling that you aren’t good enough, well guess what? God does care! He sent His Son to die for us and pay the penalty for our sins long before we were ever born!

Jesus did not think of Himself when God asked Him to come to earth and be the spotless Lamb of God! He just obeyed the Father and now we have the ability to come before God’s throne whenever we need to or want to and for whatever reason…or even no reason at all! If you have not given your heart and life to Jesus, please consider Him today! We are not guaranteed tomorrow so don’t think that you will always have time to make this decision.

Your life and mine matter to God! He doesn’t turn away from us, even while we are sinners. If we repent of our sinful ways and turn and seek Him, He will hear us. He already knows what we need, He is only waiting for us to acknowledge that we need Him! Yet, today, many people refuse to admit that they need God. How will you feel after you die and you are standing in front of Him and He asks you about your life and why you didn’t come to know Jesus, His Son? Denying His existence will not help you at all at that point, just as not believing in gravity won’t make it go away.

You should care about your eternal life because it is a fact, proven or not, because Jesus spoke of living saints (Moses, Jacob and Isaac) and told His disciples that God was the God of the living not the dead. Another reason you need to consider is that eternity is a lot longer than your lifetime on earth, which is more like a puff of smoke in comparison. Our Creator has given us all sorts of time to decide, we have the testimony of many who have come before us as well as the testimony of nature itself. As David wrote in the Psalms: “the heavens declare your handiwork”; we cannot refute this because the beauty is there to be seen, on earth as well as in the heavens!

That testimony doesn’t even need translation into any language, the beauty of the heavens and our earth itself declare the handiwork of God because of the perfection of the way everything works together. It doesn’t matter about the man-made theories that science has been clinging to for over a century, there still is no proof of evolutionary transition forms of any animal anywhere on the planet, so if you can’t prove it then it is only a theory and not fact!

I am not writing to debate or disprove evolution, all that I am writing for is to bring a message to you about giving your life to Christ, because eternity is a long, long time and I don’t want to be responsible for anyone missing it. Read God’s Word, pray about your life and what it might mean to you and to God if you gave your heart to Jesus. My life was made far more rewarding and fulfilling by asking Him into it and I have learned more from Him than I did in college and I am still learning every day. Give Jesus a real chance in your life, you won’t regret it at all!

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