Trying to be the best will not get you into Heaven

It is a fact that we try all of our lives to be the best at whatever we do or who we are. Some of us succeed, many of us fail, but being the “best you can be” will NOT get your foot into the gates of Heaven!

Your salvation is not based on works, it is based on belief in Jesus and the penalty that He paid for your sins. There are works that we should do for God and His Kingdom, but our works alone cannot save us. Anything that we do in our own strength and of our own wisdom will not have any impact on our salvation.

As Jesus said to His disciples, “Apart from me, you can do nothing”. We can try but we will fail by ourselves and on our own. We may be able to do things for and in the “world”, and we may be successful at some things, but if  by our own efforts we are striving for eternity they will fail without Christ in our life and without Him in those plans.

Our best is not good enough unless God is involved in all aspects of our lives. Christ is our strength and our reliance on Him for that strength is mandatory to be a successful Christian. There are many religions which point people to their strengths, their self-reliance to be successful in life and in their spiritual lives, but these endeavors will not produce eternal rewards because they are from man’s point of view and in man-made religions.

Religions that have been started by men only confuse and deny the issues that are real in our world. This is exactly what Satan wants because it takes away from the Truth of God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus. If we do not get any message out to the people in the world, in our congregations, in our home or workplace, we must get them to know Christ!

We are not the ones who save, but the message about His grace and the work that He did for us must be told to all who will listen. Once that is accomplished, the seed is planted in their hearts and the Spirit takes over the watering and nurturing of their conscience toward being saved and sanctified in Christ.

The blessing that we have been given through the blood of Christ that allows us to come to a saving knowledge of Him is not to be held unto ourselves but is to be given to others. Once we have that blessing, we are to give it away to others. How could we keep this knowledge and the gift of eternity from others? Knowing of the eternal consequences for those who have not accepted Jesus should make us want to tell anyone who will listen.

Yet, the wisdom of God is foolishness to those who won’t accept it and to the world as well. Believe in Jesus, search the scriptures, find the truth and don’t believe the lies that are told in the world. Satan knows these things are true but he has been and is leading the world astray and when the age comes to a close, it will be too late.

3 thoughts on “Trying to be the best will not get you into Heaven

  1. In a spiritual reality, nothing can be lost and therefore, nothing can be taken, but while we perceive this physical reality, the idea of losing when you give or gaining when you take, are inbred into the worlds thinking.*

    Newly released blog post from our blog site

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