Can you see?

When we are born our eyes take a while to get to the point of actually seeing what is around us. Our brain and the nerves have to grow to the point of being able to process the information. What about when we get older? Can we see things as they are or do we only see what we want to see? It depends on what we are looking at.

When we are looking at things or people that we like or love, we usually see the best in them. Then at other times we may see more or less good or bad, it depends on our mood and sometimes how we feel. Then there are times when we are looking at things with our spiritual eyes, especially if we are Christians. Those who have not accepted Jesus don’t have spiritual eyes yet.

I have had people to ask me about this and it seems odd that people who have been in church for many years don’t understand about their spiritual eyes and what they are for. We have to use all of our gifts from God if we are to be successful in delivering His message to a world that needs it. There are so many people in the world and outside the church that do not see things happening according to prophecy and the scriptures that refer to this time in our history.

Why is that, you may ask. It is because of the deception from Satan‘s spirits and demons and the lies that they get people to believe, especially those within the church! We are the ones that are targeted more often than any others because we already claim to belong to Jesus. If he can get one or many of us to slip up or believe something which is “twisted scripture”, or scripture that is true but has been altered so that it says something different or means something different, then that is what he wants to do. Corrupt the message and the messenger so that others will be deceived and follow a teaching which will carry others straight to hell.

In that way, Satan can take unwitting victims which may have been searching for the truth and lead them down a path to destruction without them ever realizing it until it is too late to do anything about it. Our scriptures show that he is good at that because he is the father of lies. Back in the garden of Eden, he twisted God’s words and added a question to make Eve question God. He did it again when he tempted Jesus by leaving out some parts of scripture to fit his purposes, although Jesus knew what he was doing we don’t! When he comes at us through a preacher or some other messenger that we trust, with words that sound right, we have to ask God to help us to understand the message so that we get the correct message.

If we don’t do that, Christians can be deceived just as easy as everyone else. Satan has been at this for thousands of years and can craft a lie that sounds true and he can do it well enough to fool even the angels of Heaven. That is how he got so many to follow him in his rebellion against God!

Now those that followed him are the ones who deceive us and cause us pain and disease and depression and heartache. The world that doesn’t know Jesus may not even know about the work that Satan and his demons and spirits do because they are already outside the love of God. Satan doesn’t care about them unless he finds out that they are going to give their lives to Jesus. Then they become a target because they can cause him problems, especially if they are going to be a strong in their witness for God.

Our lives are worth a lot to God because He loves us and He created us. When these spirits cause rifts in churches or families, Satan loves it. Especially when there is a death in the family. He will use that death to cause more anger and frustration between members of the same family when there wouldn’t be if he weren’t right in the midst of it. Prayer is the only avenue that we have in this to have power over him and what he does to us. That is why I am still praying for those who have lost a loved one recently because they do need it, whether they want it or not. God can do wonderful things in your life if you will let Him.

Give Jesus a chance in your life and you will never regret it, on this side of Heaven or when you get there. When we get there, we won’t have anymore pain or sorrow, or anything that comes from our enemy here on earth. We will have life everlasting and a home for all of eternity.

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