Pride, the ultimate sin

We today are facing a time in history that has more trouble than ever before. We seem to be at the very beginning of what most would call the Apocalypse. The church has not been raptured and yet there is so much evil in the world, until I’m not sure if we as a church can truly have much of an impact on the world. I know that God is in control and that he won’t allow Israel to be harmed as the Muslim nations intend to do.

In light of all the news reports from the Middle East and from around the world, the condition of our world is truly bleak. Partially due to the influence of Satan but also due to humanity’s pride. Pride can be good but it can get out of hand. I am proud of my son and for what he has accomplished in school so far, but if I were to take that pride to a selfish level it would cause much heartache.

Pride is the cause of many, many failed marriages, friendships, partnerships in life and business, and it has torn apart numerous churches and denominations. It is also the main reason for so much conflict in the world between countries, religions, and people. Unlike money, which the lust for can cause much heartache, pride is something which cannot be used or sold. It cannot be spent or bartered with, and yet it can and will cause much dissension between close friends, marriage partners, business partners, clergy and congregations if allowed to.

Pride is a sin which was cultivated and nurtured before the world began by Satan himself. It is his work and his most prized tool to use against humanity. The only way to uproot pride is to empty yourself into Jesus or rather allow Him to pour Himself into you. Get your “self” out-of-the-way because while you are in the way, Jesus cannot have you fully. Cultivate your knowledge in His Word, pray about what you have read and ask Jesus to come into your heart, because once you do that He will move pride out and move humility in.

When pride is out-of-the-way and you have given your life to Jesus, you can be so much more than “just a Christian“. You will be a servant of the Most High and a disciple of His as well and it will show in and through your life so that others will see Him through you. God loves you far more than you can possibly realize and He wants you to return His love as well in service and in your daily life.

2 thoughts on “Pride, the ultimate sin

  1. I have had dreams about the afterlife and how it would be. Sometimes I worry what things will come in the near future and the path that I will be going, I believe in God and I put my heart to him, I have always have and have helped people follow in the path of righteousness. I believe that sometimes or sometimes all the time that Satan is trying to confuse me into thinking that I’m not good enough and I’m doing wrong. What should i do?

    1. Jonathan, Satan believes in God to and served Him at one time. Until his pride led him to believe that he could be equal to or greater than God, Satan was Lucifer the Anointed Cherub. He was the most powerful of all the angels until pride led to his fall from Heaven along with a third of the angels who followed him. Pointing your heart toward God and helping people while on earth is good but nothing that we do, even going to church faithfully, is enough. You have to ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and repent from them and pray for the strength to follow Him. If you have a Gideon Bible from school, there is a plan of salvation and lots of scripture that can lead you to salvation. I urge you to read this and seriously pray about this, not half-hearted but truly go for it as hard as you did in getting your first Dan in TKD. If you will put half the energy into following Christ that you did into training you could be a powerful warrior for Christ and a great role model for your son to follow. I hope this helps.

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