Are we looking for someone who isn’t there?

Many people do not believe in Jesus or in what He did for us. Why is that? Are we looking for someone who could do more? There isn’t anyone who could do more because He is the Creator! God used His Word to create everything that is, and since Jesus is the Living Word of God there can be no one greater than He!

God inhabits the universe but He is not in His Creation as in the stars or trees or the earth. He is all around us, but not like the “force” in the Star Wars movies. Our mind cannot conceive of Him because we are not like Him. He is because He is, period! There is no “scientific explanation” for God, especially in terms that our human minds can comprehend.

Scientists have found many solar systems out there that have multiple planets in them but they don’t have the same characteristics which make ours friendly to life. The planets are too large or too hot or too close or too far away and cold in relation to the stars that they are around. God made our system exactly the way it is for a reason, for us to live here!

The questions surrounding the “end of days or the end of the world” are answered in the Bible but not in exact dates or hours. Our God and Creator lives outside of time as we know it so He can see all time as one. He knows exactly when things will occur and what hour but He is the only One who has this knowledge! Even the Son of God, Jesus, will not know the day to come until told by the Father.

The only way to know about God is to read His Word, the Bible. There are no codes or rules which will reveal anymore from it than what He reveals to you through His Spirit. Pray and ask Him to come into your heart so that you can understand what is in His Word. The knowledge in it will give you the ability to resist Satan and his temptations so that you can stand up to him because in our own strength we can’t.

God loves us all but Satan hates us because we are loved by God and because we were given dominion over the earth and not him. Even though he is here and influences all of the evil in the world, he is not omnipotent and he can’t be everywhere. Study God’s Word and learn about Him. Get to know Him and His Son, Jesus because when you do, your life will be forever changed for the better!

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