Signs from God? They are everywhere!

The first sign from God that anyone should notice is that you are reading this, you are alive and breathing! God gives us the air that we breathe, even if we pollute it. The sun is up and the earth is still turning on its axis, nothing in the universe changes without God knowing about it or allowing it to happen. Babies are being born (God puts all of the molecules together so that we work correctly). Sometimes I really wish that He had more control over the PC’s that we use, but that is a discussion for another time.

The heavens and all the wonders of the universe are there for all to see and marvel at, and He put it all there. God’s Son, Jesus said that no one knows when the end is to come, not even Him or the angels in Heaven only the Father. So, I don’t think anything dramatic is going to happen on the twenty-first of this month in spite of what some are saying.

Our lives are here for a purpose and that is to do the will of He who put us here. The only way to find out His will for your life is to read His Word, the Bible and then ask Him! He will answer.

God loves us all and wants none of us to perish, but when we try to impose our will in place of His we are going to make things worse, not better. The creation doesn’t know better how to run things than the Creator! Our lives are easy compared to what they could be, if God chose to make things hard but He doesn’t. I know that there are some bad things happening in the world right now and God knows about them too. Satan is responsible for the majority of the bad things that are happening to the world. The powers and principalities (demons and spirits under Satan’s control) are the responsible parties that cause people to do the terrible things that they do.

I am not advocating the old saying that “the devil made me do it” by what I said. What I am saying is that unless we are following Christ and His will for our lives and putting on the armor of God by reading and studying His Word, the devil and his crew can and will do anything that they can to make things bad or worse for us than it needs to be. God loves us and wants us all to come to know Him. Please give Him a chance to show you just how much He loves you, won’t you? He is coming back so be ready when that day arrives by giving your heart and life to Him now. Your life will be so much more than it is if you do.

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