Satan’s way

He is here on our world now! All of his demons and principalities are here influencing everything that goes on around us, even in the church itself! That is the main reason for the backlash against the church and for the accusations of hypocrisy in the church. Satan loves stirring up problems like this because it makes God‘s people look bad.

The end of the church age is close and the adversary is speeding up his campaigns against the church and God’s people. Insecurity and inferiority are the two feelings which are used against us by Satan because these feelings can cause us to do or say things which are destructive to us and to any witness for God that we may have.

I know that many people don’t believe that the spirit world exists or that there are evil spirits (demons) in our world but they are here. The demons hate us and will do anything that they can to ruin your life or keep you away from God. I have had spirits come into my home and if it weren’t for the power of Jesus’ name, some bad things could’ve happened. I rebuked them and I asked God to protect our home from them and He does.

Most people don’t think that there are spirits in our world that can cause things to happen or cause a person to do something wrong , but they exist and they have been doing these things for many years. The only defense against them is a strong belief in Jesus and being grounded in God’s Word so that you can use the scriptures against them. You may even be given the gift to be able to feel when they are near or even to see them, but as long as you command them to leave in the power of Jesus’ name, they have to obey!

Make sure that you come to the saving knowledge of Christ soon because, once Satan realizes that you are moving toward God, he will attempt to stop you one way or another! Read the whole Bible if you can, if not at least read through the book of Romans. The entire plan of salvation is there and is free for the asking, all you have to do is receive it into your heart. God bless you all.

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