Do we need Christ today?

Absolutely! No one can save us from the destruction and anguish to come except Him. The catch is that you have to believe what He did and that He did it for you.

“That’s a stretch, dude?” you might say. Are you kidding me, no one would do that for me, would they?  I am not worthy of that. I have done too many bad things in my life, God doesn’t want me to come to Him. I haven’t got the time right now, there are too many things that I want to do first.

These are all comments from people, myself included, who were sure that God couldn’t possibly want them or need them. The truth is that God can use anyone for His purposes. Now, I don’t mean “use” in the way that the world does, with no hope of a reward. I mean that your life can be so much more when you use it for Jesus and for His Kingdom.

The time that we have is all that we do have right now. You and I are not guaranteed tomorrow or even the next hour so we have the time at this moment, what could be more important or more urgent?

The life which we live on a daily basis is the one that everyone sees. God can see your future and what you will do with it, especially what you can do with Him in your life and in your heart. Your life can be so much more than it is when you are following Him. I know that I am repeating my theme here but it is true.

The Creator is able to do all things and His name is Jesus. What you can do with Him is far above what you can do on your own. Give Jesus a chance in your life and you will never regret it and that truth can be be found in His Word, the Bible, so I know that it is true!

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