The time to pray is NOW!

Hi all!    Our election of a new president and the party which backed him is over. Now we must get on our knees and pray that he will not bow down to the whims of his party.  Democrats have been behind some radical thinking in the past but right now there are some dire possibilities for our nation and prayer is needed to keep our nation’s constitution as it is written and not be re-written. Our lives could be in for some changes but will we like them? I am wondering if we prayed for change before the election, but what kind of change? Did you specify in your prayer what was needed or did you just ask for change and hope it will be the correct or right one?
God may answer your prayer, but when all the dust clears we may not like the answer at all!
Please check out my other blog:  In His Service ’til He Comes
I will be praying every day for Barak Obama and his family and that God will guide his decisions and his life. I send my sincere condolences to him for the loss of his grandmother. I am sure she was a wonderful woman of faith.

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