Has anyone thought about God lately?

The creator of the Universe loves all of humanity because we are His creation.
That is a radical statement today but it is true. The Bible says so. There are many things in the Bible which have been foretold and have come to pass, this is the reason for my belief in the truth of scripture. It is not as hard to understand as Nostradamus’ writings because it simply spells out what will happen. If you will do this, God will do that. He sent His son to pay for all of humanity’s sin, past, present and future. All we have to do is come to Him with the faith that a child has in his parents, nothing more only believe in His saving grace for all.
In my opinion, that is why many people don’t come to Him. Because it is too simple and easy. The real trick is to keep your faith and follow Him when the times get tough. And, they will get tough. Becoming a Christian, regardless of denomination, doesn’t fix everything. Satan will begin to attack you more once you confirm your faith than he did before, mainly because you are on the winning side once you accept Christ.
That is my two cents worth. It is up to you who may read this to make up your own mind what to believe and who you will serve, Christ or yourself. If you pick yourself, you have sided with Satan so I pity you. I will be praying for any and all who read or comment on this post to come to Christ before it is too late.
In His Service,
Gordon T. Eldridge

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