Don’t brag….

I saw a picture a while back and it brought this to mind for me to write:

Animals don’t have to tell you what they are or what they are capable of, you just know by looking at them.


People usually have to tell you what their job or vocation is because when you look at someone, usually you can’t tell what they do for a living. Especially if they are not wearing a uniform. When you see someone with jeans and a nice shirt, you can’t tell if they might be a policeman or woman or maybe a doctor or lawyer…maybe even a nurse.

Our society looks at outward appearances such as the kind of house they live in or the car that they drive in order to figure out their worth and importance. God doesn’t look at any of that! He sees their heart and knows exactly what He gave them as far as their talents and abilities. Whether they are using them for Him or not is a totally different matter.

Sometimes it takes a very long time for us to find out what our talents are or even to realize that God gave them to us. We are born with some talents and some develop over time but God is the Creator and He gave each of us at least one talent to use for His Kingdom and purpose. Seek Him and find out what your real talent is today. You won’t be disappointed.