Is there a lying spirit in church?

What?!! Where does this come from?

In some churches, there are different spirits from the Holy Spirit and many times they are lying spirits. Rather, they are referred to as “spirit of Jezebel“. Controlling spirits, the kind which makes suggestions and which bring up ideas to influence the leaders of the church by manipulation.

They do it very discreetly and subtly, just as the serpent did with Eve and Adam in the garden. In many churches today there are good people who are being influenced by these and their ideas will sound good at first but they are being used by a spirit which is sent from Satan.

God talks about these spirits which are present today and they were present in Israel and in the early church too. Some of these can be in the form of very respected people, pillars of the community and the church, but they are being used through pride or other means to bring separation or trouble in God’s house. So how can we as a church do anything about this? Mostly through prayer, I think.

You don’t want to confront the people directly unless they are a real disruption problem in the church. For some who may be spreading hints here and there about something they don’t like or something which a preacher said, it may be very hard to tell exactly who is causing the problem.

If there is a problem and it can be felt in the church but it is very quiet and subtle, then it will take a lot of prayers and seeking the Holy Spirit’s help in finding the problem and hopefully ending it.SpiritofLies