Criticism in the church

This is something that the church has had in it from the beginning. Regardless of the people or the denomination, when there’s a revival or a movement of God’s Spirit happening there’s going to be pushback from those who are very rigid in their faith.

There have been low periods in our country and around the world where it has seemed that God has not been present but when He shows up, things begin to change. There’s a reawakening in the church and the community, and sometimes it spills over into the area around the church. God is good at bringing a revival but we need to be seeking it as well. It won’t come if we are trying to keep Him in the “box” we’ve made for Him.

The movement of God’s Spirit that is happening now couldn’t be seen a couple of years ago but it’s here. Pray for those whose lives are being changed. Maybe your life will be drawn closer to Him as well.

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