This Video Is Eye-Opening And Will Change How You See Satan

A few weeks before school went on Spring Break, I began a series with my Christian club on salvation and the kingdom of Satan in light of Lent. I presented this video to accompany the slideshow presentation, and some of the members were surprised with the revelation they received. When I first watched this during quarantine, this video challenged me to think of the spiritual realm differently then how I saw it prior to Covid.

As I share this video with you all, I want to pose to you a question. How is it possible for a born again Christian who claims to believe in the existence of a loving God fail to grasp that there is a real enemy who hates their existence? How can we be ambassadors of the light if we are unaware of the darkness that surrounds this world?

I pray that you will be enlightened by this sermon and that you will open your eyes to the spirit world. Let us not be ignorant of Satan’s devices! Let’s educate ourselves so that we may teach others how to live through this lifelong battle.

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