Hello Everyone!! :)

Hello Everyone,

My name is Maia, and I am 17 years old. I am about to complete the 11th grade. I have been commenting and writing on several Christian blogs during the pandemic in hopes of sharing the Gospel message of Christ to the world, and being a source of light in the shadows of darkness.

I am more than pleased to be given the wonderful privelege of working with Tracy in publishing posts that will challenge you to grow and mature in your relationship with Jesus Christ! 🙂

I first visited this page in March of 2022, and have been given the wonderful opportunity to get to know more about his journey to the light. I would like to thank him for continually being a part of a growing support system as I use my talents to make a differere during the coronavirus pandemic.

My passion for writing and blogging actually began freshman year. When we all went on lockdown in March 2020, God inspired me to lead a virtual movement known as God vs Satan (link will be provided at the end of this presentation.) Basically, what we did is to use our talents and creativity to spread the massage of Christ to neighboring schools in my community, and take a stance against the evils that so plague this nation.

I have been widely recognized as a “die-heart patriot” who cares deeply about others. I went through a period of time when I was confused and deeply grieved by the events of 9/11. It got to the point where I was obsessed with a nightly challenge where I would go to bed at 9:11 PM as a remedy from ⠮ pain of comprehending the tragedy.

When my parents banned the challenge, and I struggled to overcome the obsession, I went through four dark weeks, in which Satan tried to convice me that my faith was over, and that he knew deep down I had a hidden passion for the world, and not just 9/11 itself.

In June 2019, my family went to New York City for a performance my professional choir had at Carnegie Hall. The day before the performance, me and my sister went to the 9/11 Memorial. After the tour, God revealed to me my purpose in this life: To be the light in this evil world.

I am currently serving as the Vice President of a Christian club on my high school, which means I work with the President and planning and facilitating our weekly sermons and activities. Our activities are built off of a slideshow I create in advance, which I share with the club sponsor.

I am a contributing writer for a blog called Biblical-christianity.com. This is a site dedicated to understanding the history and dynamics of various theologies, including the end-times.

Most of the presentations I will publish on this blog include reviews and critiques of publications, as well as short previews of some of my projects. In general, you should expect presentations on current events, faith, morality, sin, salvation, the promises of God, and the workings of Satan.

It is our sacred duty as a people to preach the resurrection of Jesus Christ and proclaim the promise of freedom for those who turn to His light. It is time that we as a people expose Satan for who he is: A ravenous wolf who is defeated by the blood of the Lamb and through the fervent work of a bold warrior in Christ!

I will conclude with a passage of Scripture that has greatly resonated with me every Easter Sunday. John 3:16 states, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” Today, let us reflect on the love God continually displays to a broken, wretched generation of sinners. Heaven and eternal life await for the people who turn to the light that is found in Jesus! Amen!

I cannot wait to share everything that the Holy Spirit has placed in my heart, in hopes that I may enlighten and inspire someone. Let us continue to fight the good fight against the kingdom of Satan! 🙂 https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yw515TQXkrkC2mqEDmzeqBTwIGHrV2pM0fbjV_IwIVg/edit?usp=drivesdk

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