T.R.U.T.H…The Reality Under The Hype.

In this life and in every situation we need to realize the Truth of Who is in control and where the Truth comes from. The Truth and the Reality are that God has always been in control of everything. He came to save us by being Jesus the Son and He give us strength and our justification through the Holy Spirit. He changed our hearts and our character by the power of His Holy Spirit working in our lives when we realized we needed Him and then humbled our life and our will to His by giving our hearts to Jesus and asking Him to come into our lives and make us a new creation. 

The world around us today hypes celebrities and sports figures and careers and our pursuit of “stuff” so much that most of us have lost sight of the reality all around us and that is the wonder of Creation by our Creator. This universe did not happen by accident and nothing on Earth “evolved” from one single cell…God spoke all things into existence and created man to be the caretaker and then man threw that responsibility out by rebelling against God.

Our real problem today is our view of each other and the culture around us. We want to live our lives as if we are in control of everything. You hear things like, “This is my truth.” No, it is your belief but there is no individual truth. God is Truth and His Word is Truth but we can’t walk around with individual truth because society would devolve into chaos eventually if that happened. There wouldn’t be “rumors of wars”, there would be constant fights, not necessarily between nations but between individuals fighting over who was right.

God is the arbiter of Truth because He is absolute Truth and He never changes. Our opinions change almost as quickly as the wind blows, so individual truth could change just as quickly. Thinking that we can make God or the teachings of Jesus palatable for the world around us is completely false! Even His disciples and the Pharisees were offended by His teachings and His teachings were the truths of God. He taught them with power and authority and showed those around Him that He could back up what He was teaching and that is why He was hated even among His peers.

Trying to be popular is not what the church or pastors should be trying to do. We need to be preaching the Truth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. There is no other Truth that leads to eternal life except the Truth that IS Jesus Christ. You may not like it, you may not want to believe it and it may make you angry but there is no denying it. Does God love mankind? Yes. Will He save all of mankind and bring them to heaven? No. Why? Because it is our choice to believe in His Truth or not. God doesn’t force His Truth on us, we must choose to believe it if we want to experience eternity with Him. If we don’t then our eternity will be with Satan who chose not to serve God, his Creator.

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