We all need revival…

I have seen a book for sale about America needing a revival but I don’t think it is just America that needs a revival. A revival is needed in America for sure but it is also needed by all Christians in the world. We have become complacent in our lives. Not necessarily our everyday lives but our Christian lives. We are too comfortable with just going to church and occasionally reading the Bible.

The problem that we face is coming from the spiritual world. The spirit of fear can close a church and it has done so. There are many spirits like this and many more which can attack us at home and at our churches but most of us don’t think that the spirit world, where the devil and his cohorts work from, even exists. We may hear about the Holy Spirit as the Third Person of the Trinity but considering the spirit world being around us is something that we only see or think about at a movie.

My point is to bring attention to the fact that all of us, as followers of Jesus, need to become more dedicated in our lives and in our own spiritual lives of learning His Word, following Him daily, ready in prayer at all times. The time that we are living in is very close to the end of the age as Jesus was telling His disciples. Read Jesus’ prophecy in Matthew 24. Read Daniel and Revelation chapters 1-5. Many of those prophecies are coming true almost daily. Take note of the actual news because it is lining up with prophecy.

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