Many are called…

Do you know Jesus or just know about Him? It sounds like a trick of words but there is a very BIG difference. In much of the South, people know about Jesus because most of us have been in church since we wore diapers, some of us are wearing them again. What is my point with this post? It is that knowing about a Person or a process is one thing. Knowing that Person as your Savior is totally different by many factors. In the Bible it says that “many are called, but few are chosen“. What does that mean exactly? In the parable about the banquet, the invitations were sent out about a feast being held at this rich man’s house. Most turned away because of some excuse, like many of us do when we feel Jesus’ touch on our hearts for the first time. Then the rich man told his servants to go out and compel many people to come to the banquet and many did come, although not the original group who were invited. That is the difference between Israel and the Jewish people and Gentiles, us. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost of the children of Israel but He was rejected and crucified, although that was part of God’s plan.

Even today when the call has gone to all to come to the banquet, Jew and Gentile alike, there are still a very few who accept His invitation. Everyone is going about their business or their work every day, even with the pestilence of disease all around us. We are told to wear masks and distance ourselves from everyone by at least six feet. Some places are even putting together an identity system for those who have been vaccinated and those who have not. This system will be used to control much more than just your identity. You won’t be able to used services or to buy goods without it. Does it sound familiar?

We have been called by God to be light to the world around us as Christians. But if you are not reflecting the Light of the World then you aren’t shining very brightly for those in need. Have you heard His message of love and compassion and grace but have decided to ignore it for now? Have you felt that need for something or Someone that you can’t quite put your finger on? That is the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart. He is telling you that your life needs Jesus in it and your heart needs to belong to Him! Why do I write this today? Because the time of the church age, between the sixty-ninth and seventieth week from Daniel’s prophecy, is about to come to a close. Whether you believe in Jesus for your salvation or not is about to become real whether you go to church regularly or not. If you’ve only heard Bible stories from childhood but didn’t put much faith or belief in any of them, the Alpha and Omega is soon to show up and when He does, much of the world will mourn because they knew about Him and His offer of salvation and forgiveness but they never accepted His gift.

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