Gifts from God

Whether we believe in Him or not, these gifts are still given to us but they are more precious to those who do believe in Him. Why? Because we deserve to be thrown into hell because of our sinful nature. Even though we can’t choose the nature that we are born with, it is still there. When we give our lives to Jesus and accept Him as our Lord and Savior our human nature is washed clean of the stains that sin had placed there. We are made new just as Adam and Eve were in the Garden before they rebelled against God.

Does that mean we won’t ever sin again? No, it doesn’t. We are human and we will falter in our obedience to God and His ways but we can be useful to His Kingdom if we repent of those sins and determine that we are going to follow Jesus anyway. Just as we cannot keep the dirt of the world around us from staining our physical clothes and shoes, our Spirit can be stained by our thoughts and our deeds even though we are saved by His blood. But…when we repent and ask for His forgiveness for the sins we commit after we are saved, He is faithful and just Who forgives us and cleanses us from all of our unrighteousness.

I pray that all who are seeking salvation will seek Him before our period of grace is done.

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