This ‘I Love Lucy’ Star Was Tormented by Demons, Then He Had a Vision of Jesus that Changed His Life Forever

I don’t usually share stories about television personalities but this one needs to be read and prayed for.

One thought on “This ‘I Love Lucy’ Star Was Tormented by Demons, Then He Had a Vision of Jesus that Changed His Life Forever

  1. I just read her testimony, and I am beyond touched by her transformation and resillience.
    During quarantine, I was reading posts from (a Christian blog for teens). You can find me in the comments section (look for DownWithSatan2021). I encountered a young teenager who was fighting against impure and blasphemous thoughts, and he often struggled with overthinking spiritual things to the point that they were false accusations of sin. It’s been a recurring event in his life during the pandemic, and it has gotten progressively worse last summer.
    In response to his comment, I wrote, “You might be a perfectionist. I feel you. Been that way all my teenage years, and am making progress; thanks to God who continues to work in me. God loves you no matter what, and no sin in your past can snatch you out of God’s hands! Are your thoughts like “You’ve just committed a sin! How dare you!” or are they like “Harry Potter is sinful therefore you’re an apostate” or “God can’t forgive you!” I don’t know if you were raised with legalistic parents, or you are in a legalistic church (no judgment here), but most of the time these are lies as Catiana (the author) mentioned. Distractions from Satan!! Keep fighting, … (The username of the teen omitted). You can do this through Jesus Christ!” Since our last encounter, theRoarofThunder stated there was major progress, and he set a personal goal to meditate on Scriptures more often.
    This is part of the reason I was led to publish the presentation I sent you about the mystery of the mind, and it could not have come at a better time than a few months after I drafted the slideshow. I believe that this presentation, along with Keith’s testimony, should be an inspiration for him, as well as other believers who may be going through such dark experiences in life.
    God did not say it would be easy, but we will never be fighting alone. We are all one team, fighting for the light of Jesus Christ through the message of the Gospel.
    May I conclude by saying this, an encounter with Jesus brings us to the knowledge of the Gospel and our freedom from the curse of sin. However, an encounter with Satan (though unpleasant), empowers us to be stewards of the light.
    These are reminders that we are called to love and serve the kingdom of God. This is one thing I have learned over the course of my journey, and it has been something I have held deeply to ever since I came to terms with the events of 9/11.
    Today, I am a contributing writing of Biblical Christianity, it well as an encourager of many brethrens, because of the hand of God in my life, and wonderful, passionate writers like you who have continued to play a role in my faith, and my service to God and others, even in such a short period. Reflecting on nearly seventeen years on this Earth, I believe I have come a long way. And now, I believe it is time for me, a child of the Most High, to continue to encourage others as they fight the good fight.
    May we all continue to grow in our walk with Jesus Christ and seek the truth out of all things.
    Standing Against Satan! 🙂

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