Do you care?

Something that an atheist said a few years ago has brought this to mind today. You’ve heard this possibly because it has been on YouTube since about 2009. I also noticed when I was looking it up this morning that the man, Penn Jillette, has become a Christian. Here is the video, which I think I have shared before, and as one of the comments on YouTube said “that is the best 5 minute sermon I’ve ever heard”:

He is speaking about a Gideon who came up after his show and talked with him and gave him a Gideon’s New Testament with the Psalms. I pray that you will watch this video and take to heart what he is saying, especially about heaven and hell. We are living in some fearful times and because we are living very close to the “end of the age”, be careful to search your life and your heart. If there is any doubt about whether you belong to Jesus and He belongs to you, please seek Him and ask Him into your heart.

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