What did God do for you today?

Well, for starters, He allowed each of us to have another day to be blessed by Him. The sun came up like it was supposed to and warmed the water in the sea so there would be some rain somewhere in the world. Each of us had the strength to get up and greet the day to serve God once again. He gave us the air that we breathe and the food in our home to eat. He made it possible for us to have shelter and clothes to put on to keep us warm and dry. Each of us had a chance to see our friends and our relatives whether we did so or not was our choice.

God has allowed us to live another year to celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus made for our salvation. Not the bunny and the egg hunts as a celebration but the church service we will attend in the morning to celebrate the resurrected Lord and King, Jesus the Christ! God made sure that the gravity on our little planet was at optimum efficiency so the water and the air would float away into space. God also made sure that your cells are still working so that your life is at its best. For some people those cells may not be working as well as they could be because of cancer or some other disease, but God still has a plan and He is in control no matter what the outcome is.

You can choose to believe in God or His Son, Jesus because of God’s grace towards us because it is our choice. Make sure that you tell someone about your Lord and Savior so they may have the chance at an eternity in heaven with Him. If they refuse to hear what you tell them, pray for them and ask God to take care of the calling on their life. He will.

There are so many things that God does for us every day that we can’t name them all. He might have kept someone from driving drunk today so that you would have tomorrow. He might have influenced someone to leave their gun at home and not shoot you or someone you love. There are many possibilities that could’ve been part of your day, good or bad, that God had a hand in stopping or changing the circumstances so your life wouldn’t be affected…only God knows all of the little things that He does that we never know about until we get to Heaven and maybe He shows us one day.

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things will be added to you.”

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