Cheap copies

I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else but have you noticed in some of the large congregations that are on TV? If you look closely at them, most of those who are in the congregation don’t have a Bible in their hands. Some are reading from an iPad or a phone but there are many more who just read the Scripture reference from one of the monitors. Why? More importantly how can you understand what is being taught by reading a verse, just one or maybe two that is put up on a monitor? Granted, we don’t know these people or their situation at home or their belief in God or Jesus but reading and studying God’s Word, especially in light of what is happening in our world today, should be first on your list every day.

The faith of those who come to church without a Bible but an electronic copy of it are blessed because they are at least reading it while in church. There are many people these days who do not believe especially those younger than thirty years of age. They claim that they have no membership in any congregation or religion. Why? Are they being taught at home about Jesus and the Bible? Not likely. They certainly aren’t getting information on religion or the Bible in school.

The “cheap copies” that I’m referring to are those who claim to be Christians in our country yet they live their lives totally out of character for being a Christian. They’ll attend church services for special occasions such as a funeral or a wedding and maybe during the holidays like Easter or Thanksgiving and Christmas but then they go home until the next occasion comes up. Life is more than this and living a Christian life is more involved than this as well.

Jesus told His disciples “if anyone would follow Me, he must take up his cross daily“; but what does that mean? It means that you must crucify your old life and your old way of living every day and determine that you are going to study His Word and learn of His ways so that others will see Him living in you and through you. Being a Christian is not an easy walk toward the end of your days. It is a narrow, rock filled pathway with thorns and all kinds of tempting paths leading us astray but we should keep our eyes locked on Jesus and His example to stay on the path that leads to Life. Hopefully someone you meet along the way will notice that you have a relationship with your Savior and they will want that too.

Sometimes your walk with Him is the best witness that you have to give away and you may not know how many people have noticed it until that day in heaven when you meet them. I’m not saying that we, as Christians, can live a perfectly sinless life because the only One Who could is your Savior. But we should strive toward that goal of being a witness to those around us whether we know them or not. Let your life be your witness so that they can see Him through your words and your character.

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