Left, right, up or down

There are millions of people watching and participating in this election. Some of them are for the so-called “left” and some are for the “right”. Whichever way this election swings it will be God Who is the True deciding vote because it is He Who chooses the man to be in power at the right time. I don’t mean that if we didn’t go vote that this person would win regardless because there are too many agendas at stake this year.

God placed Pharaoh on the throne of Egypt so that Moses could present his case about letting the people go. God also placed the other kings on their thrones in the Old Testament because He had a purpose for them all. Some were used to teach Israel to listen and obey the Lord and some were used to bless the Lord for His great mercy and love. Every ruler in the world, whether they are Presidents or Kings or Queens, elected or appointed to their position they are placed in their position by God. Whether they are in office for our good or to test our faith or even to punish us for not hearing God’s voice, each of them are in office by His pleasure and His purpose.

I pray that this year’s election was determined by people who prayed about their choices and for His guidance during this troubled time in our land. Hopefully they listened to their heart and to God about their choices today. I am praying that God’s choice will be the winner of this election.

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